Anthony Pettis wants Conor McGregor ‘at 170’

USA Today Sports

Anthony Pettis has his eyes set on Conor McGregor following his knockout of Stephen Thompson.

“Showtime” impressed everyone with his highlight-reel knockout of Thompson during his comeback win in his welterweight debut back on Saturday, including Dana White.

“Pettis was a +385 underdog, huge underdog. I loved his gameplan from the beginning,” White said, according the MMA Fighting. “I’m assuming — I don’t know this — [coach] Duke Roufus studied ‘Wonderboy’ and the way that he jumps with his karate movement, it’s hard to block leg kicks, so he started busting up the legs early, both legs, on the outside, on the inside, to try to slow him down so he could punch with him.

“Think about this, Anthony Pettis, who was 155 and moved up to 170, was able to do what [Tyron Woodley] couldn’t do twice. I mean, that’s pretty impressive. And I’m not ragging on Tyron, which is going to be the thing that comes out of this, but what Pettis did tonight is unbelievable against a bigger [opponent]. Look at the size difference with these two tonight.”

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