José Aldo Says He Will Only Accept Title Fight or Brian Ortega Featherweight


José Aldo is intent on reclaiming the championship that he has held for so long and after his TKO victory over Jeremy Stephens at UFC on FOX, he believes he has earned another title opportunity.

“That fight between [Max] Holloway and Brian [Ortega] is booked,” Aldo said, during an interview MMA Fighting. “And I hope it happens. I hope Max is okay and can put on a great fight and let the division move. To me, I don’t care if it’s at featherweight or lightweight, what matters is fighting at that card. I had already asked for it before that fight was booked, so for me it’s great because we know that if anything happens, we can fight for the belt, so I will get ready.”

José Aldo wants a fight at UFC 231, even if it happens to be a lightweight, and he is refusing to fight anyone ranked beneath him in the featherweight division.

“I can’t say there’s an ideal guy at featherweight because they’re all behind me,” Aldo said. “They are all trying to promote themselves to get to a title fight, and they all know I’m ahead of them. Especially if Brian wins, if he wins there’s no other option (to challenge Ortega). That’s what we’re waiting for. There’s no reason for me to fight (them) now. In the future, yes, I want to fight them all because that’s how I always was, fighting the best. If they are the best, I want to fight the best.”

“There’s only Brian ahead of me, so he’s the guy I want to fight, and I know that. I’m waiting for that.”