Ugandan Boxer Disappears Following AIBA World Youth Championship


The Uganda Boxing Federation (UBF) has confirmed that junior boxer John Fisher Odoch “vanished” following the 2018 AIBA Youth World boxing championship that took place in Hungary last week, according to ESPN’s Andrew Oryada.

“Odoch vanished while we were at the airport when we were returning to Uganda. He requested to go to the toilet and never returned,” Moses Muhangi, president of UBF told KweséESPN.

“These disappearances are affecting the sport negatively because we continue to find it hard to secure financial assistance and visas for teams traveling for competitions,” added Muhangi.

“We shall not tolerate this kind of indiscipline. We have reported the matter to Interpol and the Criminal Investigations department in Uganda.”

State Minister for Sports Charles Bakkabulindi said he will need a report by the UBF explaining this disappearance, due to the fact that this is not the first time that something like this had occurred.

“They must write through the National Council of Sports giving details about how the boxer disappeared. Boxing has had many of these disappearances and we wonder why,” said Bakkabulindi o.


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