Tyron Woodley Says There is Nothing Darren Till Can Do to Win


Tyron Woodley believes that once he steps into the octagon against Darren Till this Saturday at UFC 228, there is nothing that Till can do to walk out the winner.

“The key word is ‘try;” Woodley said, during an interview on UFC.com. “You can try to win the lottery, but that doesn’t mean it’s going to happen. These young fighters have one or two things they do well, and I just happen to do those things great. I’m a better striker than Darren Till. I’m a better wrestler. A better grappler. I’m more explosive than him. I’m faster than him. I’ve been in more wars than him, and I’ve fought way higher-level competition than he has. My experience meter is through the roof and my IQ is maybe one of the best in the sport.

“I’m still faster than the whole division. Name me one person that’s faster. Name me one person that’s more explosive; it’s not even close. If I’m slower today, I’m still faster than him.”

“He’s a pressure fighter, Woodley said. “He comes forward. He’s a front-leader. If he can hit you and bully you and put you on the end of his punches, then he’ll dictate that range. If he hits you with a shot, he’ll come in hard and he’ll come in to finish. A striker who will take those risks has to be willing to open himself up to take those risks. I’m the same way, I’ve got to be willing to open myself up, but I think I’m better at capitalizing on my opponent’s mistakes than he is.

“I don’t care if he worked out with Cael Sanderson, Dan Gable, Royce Gracie…if he brought back the greatest from the grave, he can’t compile that kind of knowledge in six weeks. His coach can’t get in there. The UK can’t get in there. Liverpool can’t jump in there.

Woodley believes the fight is already over and that Till won’t like what he sees on Saturday night.

“They all think they want something until they’re locked in that Octagon, and he’s gonna see.”

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