Colby Covington Sounds Off On Potential Jon Jones Return

Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

MMA fighter Colby Covington has made quite the name for himself for speaking his mind and making outlandish statements and now he has taken aim at former UFC light-heavyweight champion Jon Jones.

Covington, who was a guest on Chael Sonnen’s, You’re Welcome podcast, discussed Jones’ failed drugs test and his potential return to the octagon, saying that is Jones were to return to action before the end of the year it would put USADA’s legitimacy and integrity into question.

“I feel like if that does happen that he comes in before that two-year time frame, we would find out a lot about USADA,” Covington told Sonnen in a recent episode of the. “I think they would lose a lot of credit.”

“If he ends up coming back before that two-year time frame, I would really have to question USADA’s legitimacy.”

Covington made the bold statement that he believes that Jones’ management may use bribery to shorten Jones’ sentence.

“I think they’re trying to keep (Jones’) name in the headlines,” Covington said. “Obviously, that’s the name of the game is to keep your name hot. I think they’re using that more as leverage to keep his name out there at the possibility (of returning earlier).”

“You never know. His scumbag management team, Malki Kawa and those guys, they’re probably trying to pay off the UFC or USADA somehow to get him back earlier,” he added. “You never know the UFC’s side, they want to do business and make money so if he’s available, and USADA clears him, then they’re gonna want to do business and put him back out there to fight and make that company money.”

“They’ve got a $4 billion instalment on that loan to pay back, so they’re gonna do whatever it takes to make money and pay back that loan.”

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