Mike Perry Talks About Aggressive Style As He Prepares For Paul Felder Fight

USA Today Sports

Mike Perry is set to take on Paul Felder at UFC 226, but he is not going to be taking the same aggressive approach that he normally does when he steps inside the octagon.

Felder is a calculated striker with the ability to end a fight quickly and Perry is at times very aggressive, so the mixing of styles will be worth watching when the fight starts.

“That’s the one thing (I’ve had to work on),” Perry said, according to MMA Junkie. “That’s the fine line. Because I love it (standing toe-to-toe). So sometimes I go out there and just go crazy. I mean, every time I go out there I just go crazy.”

Perry also believes his slow start cost him the fight against Max Griffin, via decision.

“I think a big difference-maker is gonna be the warm-up in the back,” Perry said. “For my fight with Max Griffin, I did not warm up in the back. I just sat down, and I was watching the fights. I was calm as hell.

“I just walked out and was like, ‘I’m gonna fight this guy.’ I warmed up in the first two rounds. Third round, look at the difference. I was on his ass. The warm-up is going to put me where I need to be. I think it’s going to keep my mind calm.

“And I’m gonna go out there and … you need a little bit (of aggression), though. It’s freak out, then calm it down. Technique … freak out! Technique … explode! Aaaaarrrgh! We’ll see.”

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