Colby Covington Says He Would Knockout Robert Whittaker

David McIntyre-USA TODAY Sports

Colby Covington, who is set to fight Rafael dos Anjos for the interim Ultimate Fighting Championship welterweight title on June 9th, says he would knockout middleweight title holder Robert Whittaker.

“I think it’s a great match up. I think Yoel has all the tools to put Whittaker away” Covington said during a recent appearance on BJ Penn Radio.

“He won those first two rounds in the first fight. So, it’s going to be a very competitive fight and I don’t know what to expect. What will we see from Whittaker coming back from injury? He may not be the same from his injuries.

Yoel looked on fire, he just knocked out Rockhold. I’ll definitely have my eyes on that. I’m not going to go up and challenge Romero ’cause he’s my teammate, and I like the guy, but if Whittaker wins I’ll definitely be looking to go up and knock him out just like Choir Boy (Stephen Thompson) did.”

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