Tyson Fury Plans Path of Destruction To Anthony Joshua

Sebastian Konopka/Associated Press

Make no mistake about it, Tyson Fury is motivated and hungry for a fight with  IBF-WBA-WBO champion Anthony Joshua and his put Joshua, Deontay Wilder and everyone else in his path on notice.

Fury (25-0, 18 KOs) claims he will “smash through everyone” to prove that he is the better fighter, better than Joshua, and better than Wilder.

“I can’t sleep at night knowing people think AJ is better than me or Deontay Wilder is better than me,” Fury said on Instagram.

“I will separate them from their senses. I want to hit AJ with six left hooks in a row. I’m more determined than I’ve ever been,” Fury posted.

“If there are any cruiserweights or light heavyweights out there who want to move up into my division you better get it done because I’m smashing through everyone.”

Fury is eyeing 5 fights by the end of the year, and is planning to take his shot at the heavyweight titles next year.

Fury also admits that the taunts of Wilder have helped light a fire under him.

“It was Deontay Wilder who spurred me on where he said I couldn’t do it, couldn’t return. He said Tyson Fury is done. I can have a hand tied behind my back and beat Wilder.

“I was walking my dog along the canal and I looked at myself and thought ‘you fat pig’. I felt like jumping in and drowning myself. The fire is back now. I’m ready to fight today, tomorrow, whenever.

“Every time I went to the pub and had 10 pints I thought, ‘yes, I want to fight now’ but I didn’t. I’m in a very, very good place. I feel fully focused. Fit, strong and fast. I needed that time to off to recoup and rest.”

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