Michael Bisping Ends An Impressive MMA Run

David G. McIntyre-USA TODAY Sports

Earlier this week, former UFC middleweight champion Michael Bisping announced that he is retiring from MMA, ending one hell of a run in the octagon.

“You can’t do it forever, done it for a long time,” Bisping said (h/t ESPN). “Of course, I’ve got issues with my eye. After the [Kelvin] Gastelum fight, then I started having issues with my good eye.”

The eye issues that Bisping refers to stem from a detached retina he suffered back in 2003, which has lingered since.

Bisping said he was considering one last fight, with rumors swirling that it could be against Rashad Evans in London, but Bisping is glad he didn’t decide to step in the octagon one last time.

“That never happened — probably a good thing,” he said.

Bisping has compiled a 30-9 overall record during his career and  a 20-9 record during his 11-year run in UFC.

“It ain’t worth it,” Bisping said of continuing his fighting career. “What else am I going to do? I won the belt. I’ve had tons of wins. I’ve done everything I set out to achieve.”

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