Jean Pascal Ends Brief Retirement


Former light heavyweight world champion Jean Pascal isn’t ready to embrace retirement just yet.

Pascal ended his rather brief retirement, and will face former UFC fighter and former North American Hockey League enforcer Steve Bosse in a 10-round cruiserweight fight on June 29th, according to an announcement from promoter Yvon Michel.

“I don’t want to have no regrets and that is why I came back,” Pascal said. “I take this fight very seriously. I am already in the gym and I will have a good training camp. I found back the love for my sport.”

The fight will take place in Pascal’s hometown of Laval, Quebec, and will give the 35-year old the chance to do something that he’s always wanted to do; fight a heavyweight.

“I always wanted to fight a heavyweight. Steve is the perfect opponent to test myself (because) he is a big guy who was 224 pounds in his last fight,” Pascal said.

“But, still, I will put his boxing career where it belongs — on ice.”

“All my life I was an underdog. They said I could not play hockey. I played and was the most popular guy in the league,” said Bosse, who is a clear underdog in the fight.

Bosse made his pro boxing debut back on February 15th with a second-round knockout victory against Julio Cuellar Cabrera, and he knows what the skeptics are saying about his foray into boxing.

“They said I shouldn’t do MMA. I reached the UFC and did pretty good. Now some say I should not box? I will surprise the doubters June 29.

“Remember, I am the puncher here. I can end the fight with one punch. He can’t. I will send him back to retirement.”

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