Bayley Talks Thinking She Was More Over Than She Was With WWE Universe


WWE superstar Bayley was a recent guest on E&C’s Pod Of Awesomeness, and she discussed a number of topics which included her thinking that she was more “over” with the WWE universe than she actually was.

“When I made my debut, I had that weird one-off at Battleground where I was like Sasha’s [Banks] partner,” Bayley said about he debut on the main roster.

“And that was an amazing night. It felt like everybody in the arena wanted her partner to be me, so I was like, ‘oh yeah, everybody knows who I am and I’m going to be fine when I finally get here, like, for good!’ Then, I had my official debut. That was the night after NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn.

“And Brooklyn is just, it was SummerSlam weekend, so, it’s kind of like a “WrestleMania weekend” where there are fans from all over and it’s just a load of NXT fans from around Europe, and all that, and I got a great reception there and I was like, ‘yep, I’m good’.

Everybody knows Bayley’ blah, blah, blah. But then, it wasn’t until I was there a little bit longer and I had to get on the regular schedule doing house shows and going to TVs in different cities where I realized my reception wasn’t as good as my first two things that I did because not everybody knew me.

Bayley also talked about her goal to be the female ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin.

“I do definitely want to evolve my character, eventually, just because, I mean, since I started in NXT, I’ve kind of been doing the same thing.

Like, I have grown a little bit, but I don’t know. I think it is going to be time for a change eventually. I think that would be like the fun of it all and everyone changes.

I plan on being here for a long time, and I want to go through all those stages and be a bad guy, and then be a good guy again, then be a bad guy, and, like [Edge and Christian] have been a bunch of different characters and all that stuff.

“And I just think that’s part of the fun being with WWE, so, I want to go on that roller coaster and have the fans be like they know they can count on me and, like, care about me, but still hate me at the same time, but know when I’m on the camera for them to cheer or to boo, like, they’re going to enjoy it.

So, I’ve recently thought about it and just as far as trying to be more aggressive, I think I want to be a girl version of ‘Stone Cold’, but it’s kind of hard to think of my character turning into a badass like Austin.”

Bayley has her sights on the competition landscape in the WWE’s women’s division and points to Asuka and Natalya as two superstars she is looking forward to stepping in the ring with.

“I mean, I want to have more matches with Asuka eventually because we only had the few in NXT. But I guess I haven’t really had anything with Natalya at all. When she first did kind of a live event loop or we did a Europe, that was my first thing with WWE, and I just teamed with her, so I didn’t get to wrestler her. Then we did one random live event when I was still with NXT.

“And I did like a one-minute opening thing with her and that was it. But I would love to have a full-on story with her and have full matches with her just because I think she’s so good, and, obviously, she’s so knowledgeable and has so much to teach. But also she’s hilarious. Every time I’m around her, I have so much fun. She’s so good.”

No Bayley interview would be complete without bringing up the rumored match at WrestleMania that will pit the 4 Horsewomen of WWE (Bayley, Sasha Banks, Charlotte Flair and Becky Lynch), against the 4 Horsewomen of MMA (Ronda Rousey, Marina Shafir, Shayna Baszler and Jessamyn Duke).

“I was hoping it was going to be a thing pretty soon, but they were all there at the [Mae Young] Classic and we were there, minus Sasha” Bayley said.

“And we had our little face off, that thing outside, that [WWE].com thing we had, so I was kind of hoping that would lead to something. Maybe it still will. Ronda just kind of put it out there that they said, ‘any time, any place’ and I feel like it still can happen. So they know where to find us. That’s all I’ve got to say.

They know where to find us. We’re here. We’re just waiting on them and we’ve got one of them, I guess. Shayna’s already in NXT, so we just need Ronda to hurry it up!”

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