Ember Moon Talks Goals As NXT Women’s Champion


NXT Women’s Champion Ember Moon is still finding her stride as the face of the NXT women’s division.

Moon, who won the strap at NXT TakeOver: Montreal, has much more in mind with the title.

“As soon as I won the title, I remember having to do an interview right away. By the time I got to locker room, it was completely empty” Moon said in an interview with WWE.com.

I put the title down, I put my armor down and I just stared at the both of them. I just said to myself, ‘I finally did it.’ I finally solidified every decision that I made in my career and justified them. I just took a moment to step out of the craziness and live in that moment of happiness.”

Moon also talked about Asuka who congratulated her following the title victory.

“Asuka and I started the exact same day at the WWE Performance Center, and though our paths were different, they always seem to intertwine. We used to travel together and encourage each other to be better in and out of the ring. It was awesome to have her show that much respect by presenting me the NXT Women’s Championship and celebrate our mutual love for wrestling in the middle of the ring.”

“My goal now is to become the longest-reigning champion in NXT history. I wasn’t able to end Asuka’s undefeated streak, but I can break her record for the longest-reigning Women’s Champion in NXT. I want to prove that my myth is a legend rising and forever solidify my place in WWE history.”

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