Alexa Bliss On WWE Working On Christmas, Nia Jax


RAW Women’s Champion Alexa Bliss is really coming into her own as champ and having solid matches along the way.

Bliss recently chatted with Sporting News and spoke about a number of things, starting with WWE working on Christmas.

“Honestly, I didn’t really have an opinion on it. [Laughs] It’s what we do. This is our job and no matter what day it falls on we have to do our job” Bliss said.

“I know some people were not too happy about it — the people that have families and stuff like that — but it’s work. It’s what we have to do. We signed up for it. I don’t really have an opinion on it. I just figured I’d make the best of it.”

Bliss knows how it is to perform on RAW and SmackDown Live and talked about the differences between the two brands.

“There’s really not a big difference. I’d say the only big difference is when I first started on Raw, I noticed there is a different sense of urgency because Raw is deemed the flagship show. So there’s always a little more urgency when it comes to Raw. But I do miss SmackDown a lot. The locker room is great. The people on SmackDown are amazing to work with. It’s basically just been like the new kid at school. It’s different but eventually, it just becomes natural again.”

Bliss is close with fellow superstar Nia Jax and discussed their friendship.

“It’s great! When we were in NXT, we were best friends immediately, like within a day. When we were separated, it was a little tough because we couldn’t keep in touch as much but then as soon as we were back on the same brand, we instantly clicked again. We travel together. We hang out together even when we’re not on the road. You would think we’d get sick of each other but we don’t. We’re like sisters.

“We bicker like sisters. We have fun like sisters. We’re consistently just trying to make each other laugh. When you’re in a business like this, it’s grueling. It’s traveling, it’s constant. There’s drama. When you have your best friend there, it all kind of goes away and it’s so much fun.”

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