Jack Swagger Talks WWE Pay, MMA Debut, More


Former WWE superstar Jack Swagger, who recently signed a multi-fight contract with Bellator MMA, is preparing to make his official MMA debut and in an interview with WrestlingInc , Swagger discussed what’s been a whirlwind 2017.

While 2017 was when Swagger was released from WWE, it is also when he inked his MMA deal, one that fellow professional wrestler and MMA cross-over Bobby Lashley was excited for.

“We were at a show in Oklahoma, IWR [Imperial Wrestling Revolution] a couple of weeks ago; Impact Wrestling was there taping a pay-per-view, He was very excited about it” Swagger said.

“He had a big smile on his face and was very helpful about following right behind him.”

Swagger also discussed the financial changes he’s undergone since being let go from WWE.

“It is kind of like a supply and demand right now. You have to price yourself right in order to optimize your profit. I wouldn’t say that it is more than the WWE but it is a nice living. I mean, it’s only wrestling, there’s no other side jobs with it, If you can go out there and develop relationships; to me, that was the hardest part because I am new to this side, so every relationship was something new, and a new business venture, so you really want to take focus on those and develop those because it can help you down the line to have steady work and great promotions.”

Swagger also talked about starting a career in MMA while continuing his career in professional wrestling.

“I’m going to try and do both. My logic is one hand can help the other. As long as I have time to train, take the MMA side very seriously, I think I will be able to do it,” Swagger said.

“We were in talks towards the later end, you know Dutch [Mantell] is over there and I would love to work with him again, so they kind of come and go, and I hate to say it, but they don’t really like to pick up the phone and call anybody, but I would love to work for them though.”

One wrestling promotion that has caught Swagger’s attention is Lucha Underground.

“I really like their product. It seems different. The cinematography of it. It seems very ‘Hollywood-esque.’ I think it makes the characters look bigger” Swagger explained.

“I think it makes the wrestling look different, I am good friends with [Writer and Producer of Lucha Underground] Chris DeJoseph so I would come there too. Even if they wanted to put me under a mask. I think it would be great. It has done great things for Brian Cage, Johnny Mundo, really good stuff and a really good platform.”