Daniel Bryan Talks First Match He Would Want In Return, Who He Never Wrestled, More


WWE Smackdown Live commissioner Daniel Bryan is advocating for WWE medical to clear him for a much-desired return to the ring and has been vocal that he is physically able to do so.

In a recent interview with Justin Barrasso of Sports Illustrated , Bryan discussed a number of topics regarding a potential return to a WWE ring.

For starters, Bryan names whom he would like to face in his first match back with WWE.

“It depends on whether WWE clears me to wrestle,” said Bryan. “That will change my opponent.”

“One of my favorite guys to watch at WWE is AJ Styles,” said Bryan. “So, on the WWE stage, I would like to wrestle AJ Styles, only because I wrestled John Cena before.”

While on the topic of potential matchups, Bryan talked about the one match he was never able to have that he thought would have been tremendous.

“I was really disappointed I never got to wrestle Shawn Michaels,” said Bryan. “He trained me and that was the one match I never got to have.”

Bryan also discussed his memorable run to the WWE Championship.

“I spent ten years honing my craft all around the world, then WWE hired me, they fired me, and hired me again,” said Bryan.

“The climb to the top of being champion for me was very long, but it was rewarding. I loved being champion, I thought it was the coolest thing. “The only thing that wasn’t cool was traveling with the championship title through TSA. Once they see the belt, it’s the same kind of thing as before when they’ll say, ‘You’re a wrestling champion?’ At least I had the title to prove it, that part was very validating.”