Chris Jericho Talks WWE Relationship, New Japan, Ring of Honor


Chris Jericho made headlines last week by announcing that he is taking on Kenny Omega New Japan Pro Wrestling’s Wrestle Kingdom event on January 4th from Tokyo.

Jericho, who has long been affiliated with WWE, is working outside of WWE with NJPW and also putting on a cruise with ROH.

“I like doing stuff that’s never really been done” Jericho said, per Busted Open Radio.

“I think I’m in a very unique position in the WWE where I have a great relationship with the company, one guy [specifically], where normal rules might not apply.

But I also do it with respect and with relevance to what they’re doing and realize that WWE is still my company, it’s still my home, but I’m not handcuffed to WWE.

If I want to go to New Japan to work a main event at the Tokyo Dome or put on my own cruise and work in tandem with Ring Of Honor, that’s OK, because guess what? At the end of the day, when I go back to the WWE it makes me that much bigger of a star.”

“It’s an old-school, something that you would see [Hulk] Hogan, or [Ric] Flair, or [Nick] Bockwinkel, or somebody do back in the 80’s when they would do a big shot in Japan just because it meant something.

I’m not a world champion but it’s a big deal for Jericho to go there, and I love that sort of intrigue and I think certain guys in the WWE appreciate that as well in the office because it makes for a better business.”

With WWE getting more competition from the likes of NJPW and ROH, Jericho likes where the business is heading.

“The good thing about New Japan and even Ring Of Honor to an extent is showing that WWE is not the only place in town, and I think the first people that would be happy about that are the guys that are running the WWE because it just makes for a better business, for a healthier business. And not just for the boys but for the fans.

It pushes everybody to think more and to be more clever and creative and to work harder.”

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