Triple H Talks About His Finisher, Shawn Michaels, Ric Flair


WWE COO and future Hall of Famer Triple H recently did an interview on Facebook Live to discuss a number of topics.

Triple H talked about his favorite performer of all-time.

“My favorite competitor of all time is probably Shawn Michaels, just I know he’s one of my best friends and I just think he’s one of the greatest performers of all time. If I had to pick somebody, overall it would be Ric Flair.” Triple H clarified, “modern Shawn would be my favorite, but if I had to choose an all-time favorite, it would be Ric Flair.”

HHH was asked who his favorite opponent was.

“I had a lot of tough battles with [Mick] Foley, but if I had to pick one, it would be The Undertaker. He’s just a legend and getting in the ring with him at high profile events, nobody’s better. Hell In A Cell, WrestleMania, Shawn Michaels as the special guest referee, it’s probably one of the most significant matches of my career completely from a meaning standpoint. It was called ‘End Of An Era’ and it was.

“There was a moment with the three of us standing on stage together after that match was over and that was very real to us and it’s still very meaningful. I have that picture in my office and I made a plaque with all… for all three of us that has that picture and memorabilia from the match. It was very important and very meaningful to all three of us.”

On the flip-side, Triple H said he doesn’t have a least favorite.

“It’s funny – I don’t really have a least favorite competitor. Anybody that steps through the ropes, in my opinion, deserves respect.”

HHH is known for his finisher “the Pedigree” and told fans about it’s origins.

“The Pedigree was something that I came up with, but the name actually came from Michael Hayes of The [Fabulous] Freebirds. When I started in WWE, I was ‘The Greenwich Blue-blood’ and I was doing that move and they needed a name for it. And he thought it felt like handing someone their pedigree and that became the name, so Michael Hayes of The Freebirds, thank you very much.”

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