JBL Talks About His WWE Hiatus, The Undertaker, Big Show, Wrestler’s Court


Former WWE Champion and WWE broadcaster JBL recently did an interview with Riju Dasgupta of Sportskeeda and spoke about a number of topics.

JBL talked about his departure from the SmackDown broadcast team and his continued relationship with WWE.

“I’m still part of the WWE family which I’m thrilled about” JBL said.

“I’ve been there for twenty-one years. I’ll still be going back for WrestleMania and Tribute to the Troops.

I had no chance to come to places like India and visit Magic Bus, and do some things that I really wanted to do, as long as I was doing commentary every week.

So, I got a chance to back off and do a few big events every year which I love doing. Love seeing Ron Simmons from the APA. He comes to all the big events too.

But I love being able to come out here and visit with the kids and learning what people are doing, which to me is the most important work in the world.”

JBL was asked to share a story from the infamous “Wrestler’s Court” and went on to share his memory of Big Show.

“A funny Wrestler’s Court story? I’m not sure I can tell any of those to the media. There are so many. I had so many with Big Show in Iraq. Big Show was…we had a lot of fun.

He didn’t fit in the latrines, he was so big. So, I had to figure out a different way for him to go to the bathroom. At that time, he was 500 something lbs. He’s a true giant.

Had a lot of fun with Big Show. One time we were playing golf and he had the old man putter.

So he sneaks the putter into the hole and sucks the ball out. I’m like ‘What are you doing?.’

He’s like my hand’s too big to fit in the hole. And it was. His hand was too big to fit in the golf hole.”

Astly, JBL spoke about the legendary Undertaker who he has wrestled and called matches for throughout his career.

“I don’t know if it was his last match. I met with him beforehand. He was the groomsman at my wedding. We are good friends. I wrestled him probably more than anybody else in my career. Probably more than anybody else in his career, as well. So, I know him very well.

Such a great character. I don’t know if it was his last match, and if it was, it was an amazing way to go out.”

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