Francis Ngannou Trash Talks Alistair Overeem, Hopes For Fight With Stipe Miocic

Per Haljestam/USA TODAY Sports

UFC heavyweight Francis Ngannou made some noise earlier this month when he made a typo on Twitter while trash talking with Alistair Overeem.

Overeem had accused Ngannou of trying to cut his way in line to a UFC title shot and Ngannou responded by saying; “Keep talking s— and I will snap your with my punch.”

Ngannou’s tweet had many asking what he would “snap”.

“Let him imagine what I’m going to snap,” Ngannou told ESPN. “I want him to think about it.”

Ngannou is hoping to challenge UFC champion Stipe Miocic by the end of the year.

“I already know everything they’re able to do,” Ngannou said about facing either Miocic and Overeem.

“Everyone knows all of their skills. They don’t know mine. They’re still discovering mine. I’m bringing a surprise in every fight. I’ve never had the opportunity to show my whole game yet.

“I knock Stipe out when we fight. I think under three rounds, I knock him out.”

Ngannou is hoping to face Miocic next, but if he is denied he wants to fight Overeem in December.

“It’s not clear right now,” Ngannou said. “I want Stipe, but they are also talking about Overeem. I’ll probably fight either [UFC 218] on Dec. 2 in Detroit or [UFC 219] on Dec. 30 in Las Vegas.

“I’d prefer to fight in Detroit just because it’s 28 days sooner,” Ngannou continued. “I had a fight this month and it didn’t happen, so I’m just waiting. It sucks.”