GFW Is “Hemorrhaging Funds”, Anthem Wants Out

Associated Press

Global Force Wrestling, formerly known as TNA, has a bleak future yet again and it seems although, again, that the end may be near for the wrestling promotion.

Sports Illustrated’s Justin Barrasso reports that Jeff Jarrett is out, citing the need to focus on personal issues, as Global Force Wrestling’s Chief Creative Officer and that the move may have a huge impact on not only the professional wrestling industry, but the future of GFW.

According to Barrasso:

GFW is hemorrhaging funds, and sources close to the situation have confirmed that Anthem is ready to withdraw itself from the wrestling industry and sell GFW. Anthem even needed to gut the Fight Network in order to finance GFW.

Another wrinkle to the story is that Jarrett still owns the name of Global Force Wrestling, so Anthem would be selling Impact Wrestling.

Yet, despite the entire ordeal, wrestling is all about commodities, and Anthem has a worthwhile commodity if it decides to sell GFW/Impact primarily due to its tape library.

Barrasso lists WWE as the top potential suitor, indicating that the tape library is extremely valuable, especially to WWE with their investment into the WWE Network.