WWE Hall of Famer Edge Talks Almost Jumping To TNA


It’s hard to imagine WWE Hall of Famer Edge stepping in the ring with any other company other than WWE, especially at the height of his legendary run.

But according to Edge, he considered a jump to  TNA Wrestling (now GFW/Global Force Wrestling) when his best friend Christian was there.

“Interesting little tidbit here that I don’t even know how much [Christian] knows, if [Christian] even know at all, to be honest” Edge said on the Edge & Christian Pod of Awesomeness podcast.

“I don’t recall talking to [Christian] about it. I don’t know how word gets out on contracts being up and things like that.

“But there was one point where my contract was coming up and TNA reached out to me.” Edge explained referring to a time period when Christian was performing at TNA.

“So they reached out to me and they told me numbers, and schedule, and all of these things and for me, at that point, schedule was the thing that I was like ‘well, that’d be a whole lot easier on the body’ because I was getting pretty beat up.

It’s like Christian said, I started with WWE in ’97.

At that point (talks with TNA) it was like 2008 or 2009, I can’t even remember, it’s a long time.

Now, there is breaks because of injuries but that was my body saying: ‘take a break dude,’ and I never did until something broke.”

Hard to imagine what would have been if Edge did make what would have been the biggest jump in professional wrestling at the time and joined TNA.

But it is a lot of fun to think about.

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