Sting Talks Retirement Match With Seth Rollins, NWO, Ric Flair


WWE Hall of Famer Sting will always be revered for his incredibly long pro-wrestling career that still felt like it was cut a bit short as an injury forced him into retirement back in 2015.

Certainly, Sting’s WWE run was cut far too short.

A legendary career in the rear-view, Sting had a lot to speak about including the ‘Nature Boy’ Ric Flair.

“Ric was an established, huge, national, international [star] at that time, name and I was just a young kid. A “curtain jerker” kind of wrestler,” Sting rsaid in an interview with Andy Malnoske of NBC Elmira.

“He had an opponent that got injured and the promoter, Dusty Rhodes, who was promoting and wrestling at the time, said: ‘We got to find somebody for Ric’ and so he put  Sting, in there with Ric Flair at the very first ‘Clash of the Champions’” Sting explained.

Sting’s career took off to new heights during WCW’s heyday when he took on the “Crow” gimmick and went toe-to-toe with the NWO (New World Order), considered to be one of the most influential factions in pro wrestling history.

“Wrestling fans and wrestling was changing. Fans wanted to see something a little darker and a little more mysterious” Sting explained.

“One of the defining moments was in Daytona Beach (Florida).

“[Lex] Luger and me, we’re in the ring, with [Scott] Hall and [Kevin] Nash. [Hulk] Hogan becomes “Hollywood” Hogan and fans trashed the ring.

They threw trash and I’m in the fetal position, just hoping I don’t get hit. But it started a crazy time in wrestling. That was a defining moment in wrestling. Characters changed.”

And about that infamous match with Seth Rollins that cut his career short.

“I cannot complain” Sting admitted.

“The bottom line is the last match I had, yes, I got injured and it was a bad injury but I went out wrestling one of the best, Seth Rollins, and it was for the WWE World Title” Sting said.

“I mean, what a way to go out. A world title match, I cannot complain, I have no complaints. I did everything I could possibly do in this business it seems, so I’m satisfied.”

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