AJ Styles Discusses Who He Wants To Face At WrestleMania 34


Last year rumors swirled around speculation that AJ Styles could face off against WWE Hall of Famer Shawn Michaels in a dream match.

In fact, Styles lobbied for the match and even drove up social media talk in regards to the match on his own social media profile.

Alas, the match never materialized and Styles went on to have a solid match with Shane McMahon instead.

this year, Styles has an opponent in mind that is far more realistic and one that he has had epic matches with in the past.

“There’s a couple guys that I’m looking forward to getting into the ring with whether it’s Shinsuke [Nakamura] or Finn [Balor] or Seth [Rollins],” said Styles at Wizard World Columbus.

“You know, guys like that. Even going back to Roman [Reigns]. I love wrestling those guys.”

And while the list of possibilities each offer their own excitement there is one name atop Styles’ list.

“I’m picking Shinsuke. Sorry, that’s nothing on Finn Balor” Syles remarked.

“The reason why I say this is because at Wrestlemania it’s not going to happen with Finn Balor and I. Why? Because he’s on RAW (Styles is on Smackdown).

Shinsuke’s my best chance at getting into the Main Event picture at Wrestlemania. That’s why he wins the championship. I hope he wins it so I can get in there and wrestle him at Wrestlemania.”

Styles has a long history with Nakamura as they have both competed for and against one another in New Japan and headlined ‘Wrestle Kingdom 10’.

“I think it’s great that Shinsuke is getting an opportunity to be. I don’t know if it’s going to be main event, but I think it’s cool that it’s going to be one of them” Styles continued.

“This guy has paid his dues. He’s been in Japan for a long time and he’s so charismatic in everything he does. I’m looking forward to the match just like everyone else.”

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