Shawn Michaels Talks Traveling With NXT, Which NXT Stars Stand Out


WWE Hall of Famer Shawn Michaels could probably still lace up the boots and steal another show, fittingly at ‘WrestleMania’.

And although fans have clamored for one more match from “the Heartbreak Kid”, Michaels has stuck to retirement.

But HBK hasn’t stayed away from the business and is currently working at WWE Performance Center with NXT.

Michaels, in an interview with ‘The Rack’, talked about NXT and more.

“I actually am, for the first time in a long time” Michaels said when asked about going on the road with NXT (h/t Wrestling Inc.).

“You know, I’ve been working some at the WWE Performance Center with NXT and I hadn’t been out on the road with them and we come back and watch a lot of film and things of that nature but, in my opinion, you can only get so much from film and sometimes you have to bet there live to see it and take it all in.

“I believe, to help these guys out and if that is indeed my job, which I believe it is, so I wanted to go on the road and be a part of it and experience it and sort of get a feel for the vibe that is NXT” Michaels said.

Michaels, like most wrestling fans, sees WWE’s NXT as a different entity that has a clear differentiation from typical WWE programming.

“I believe it to be different for WWE or quite honestly anything else out there” Michaels said.

“The audience is different and exciting and a phenomenal brand and I just wanted to get out here and see what it was like to take it on the road. It’s a quick one which is all I can really do anymore or have the patience to do, but it’s going to be exciting and I’m looking forward to three fun nights with the NXT crew.”

“That is all on the NXT stars and Triple H, Matt Bloom, and Sara Amato and all the people who have put in so much time and energy into those individuals, but to me it’s the NXT Superstars; they are a young, hungry group and I agree with you that it is a different vibe.

Michales believes NXT is pure to the industry.

“I believe it is everything pure about the wrestling business; you know, every one of them has a dream to go to the WWE and one day headline WrestleMania but this is an unbelievable fun process with them and you can feel it” Michaels explained.

“To your point, when you’re out there, you can feel it and it is a palatable vibe out there and the excitement and energy that is unlike anything else out there. And I have to give all the credit to all those NXT stars out there who are the ones pulling that off, because it is their energy and their hard work that puts all those shows together and makes them as great as they are.”

NXT has produced some big stars in WWE and the brand continues to bristle with young, promising talent.

But who sticks out to the WWE Hall of Famer?

“Yeah, there are a number of them. I do my best to try and keep from, I don’t know, naming too many names and stuff like that” Michaels stated.

“One, because you’re afraid you’re going to leave somebody out or put undue pressure of someone but I think there is a great deal of talent there from a number of guys and young ladies, to be perfectly honest.

“And that is what I think is so exciting, is there is a whole other generation that I think is going to take the wrestling business into the coming years and that is exciting to see, it really is. I guess I’m different from a lot of older guys; I think they want it to stay the same or what it was like in there day and I’m very excited about what the future has for these young men and women of NXT and the future of the WWE.”

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