Manny Pacquiao Wants Rematch With Jeff Horn

Australia's Jeff Horn punches Manny Pacquiao during their WBO World Welterweight title boxing match at Suncorp Stadium in Brisbane, Australia, on July 2, 2017. (DAVE HUNT / EPA)

Manny Pacquiao wants another shot at Jeff Horn in the ring and will forgo his retirement to step in the ring with him again.

Top Rank promoter Bob Arum told ESPN that Pacquiao will seek a rematch with Horn, which Pacquiao has a contractual right to pursue.

“Manny doesn’t want to retire. He wants the rematch, so we are going to do the rematch,” Arum said.

“Manny told me he wants to do the rematch, but now we are looking for the window that satisfies the Senate. We need to see when they have a recess that will allow Manny the time he needs to train and have the fight.”

Pacquiao fought Horn in Brisbane, Australia back on July 2nd and lost his welterweight title via unanimous decision in a controversial upset that took social media by storm.

Arum noted that the fight needs to be scheduled during a time when Pacquiao’s Senate obligations won’t interfere.

“Once I have an answer from the Senate when they have their recess, I will go to my partner in Australia, Duco [Events], and we will figure out where we’re going to do the fight,” Arum said.

“[The state of] Queensland has certain rights from hosting the first fight, but we need to figure out where the fight will be. The problem is we can’t have it outdoors again because of the weather. November is the summer there, and it’s brutal to do it outdoors. We can’t do it. Even in July, which is their winter, it was pretty hot outdoors.”

Although the first fight was good, it was riddled with controversy because many people thought Pacquiao had clearly won although the score cards shockingly said otherwise.

“I think the first fight was an excellent fight. It was competitive and [Horn] feels emboldened, and I think it will be a very good fight again,” Arum said.

“And now Horn is known much more in the United States after that fight.”


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