Michael Bisping vs. George St-Pierre Fight Targeted For November 4th At Madison Square Garden

Associated Press

At long last the MMA world and it’s fans may finally be getting the Michael Bisping vs. George St-Pierre fight.

Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) middleweight titleholder Michael Bisping took to his podcast to update everyone on the status of the fight.

““To be honest, Dana said at the press conference last week that the Bisping-GSP ship had sailed” Bisping said (h/t FanSided’s Nicole Bosco).

“He said the winner of Woodley vs. Maia gets GSP and I was like oh right, whatever, it would’ve been nice and a bigger payday and all that stuff, but I was just mentally drained with it all. I stopped campaigning because every time Dana would just shut it down. So I drive home later on and Dana White calls. There you go, the fight is on November 4, Madison Square Garden, Michael Bisping versus GSP.””

Bisping then took to FS1 UFC.

It looks like this may all be going down in November at Madison Square Garden.

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