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P90X Review

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P90x Review: Your #1 home workout program

If you are considering P90X as your fitness program but still not sure whether it will produce the fitness results you want, then worry no more. You’ve landed home, and you’ll find answers to all the questions you have about this fantastic program. I am personally a success story of this great product. It is the best home fitness program I have ever found anywhere.

P90X is a perfect home solution if you want amazing results in just 90 days. What makes it a unique one is the fact that you are guaranteed to get your money back in case of any issue that necessitates you get a refund for your money. So why should you be worried when you know that you are going for something that’s worth your money? Read my review and join me as we declare P90X the king of all home fitness programs. Here are the twelve workouts that will tone up your muscles and transform you into that physically fit person you’ve always wanted to be.

#1. Chest and Back

A good home workout targets the upper body with strength exercises that push and pull this part to the very extreme, so you get that recommended fitness shape in your upper body. With this incredible program, you’ll do as many pull-ups and push-ups exercises as never before. I remember when I started it completing even a few simple push ups was a hassle but towards the end, things were a complete opposite of what they were at the beginning. Push-ups and pull-ups were no longer an issue to me. I could do as many as I needed.

#2. Plyometrics

I can term this as the mother of all the workouts under the P90X program. Many people agree to this condition, and I can comfortably say that it is truly the case. It involves squatting, jumping, twisting and many other tough workouts that will push you to those limits you’ve never imagined of in your journey to fitness. I know of someone who added seven inches vertically with the P90X plyometrics. Though the journey is tough, you are almost sure of beautiful results.

#3. Arm and Shoulders

We can compare this workout to bread and butter since these are the most important muscles that you’ll work the most. With P90X, you’ll hit the arms and shoulders with lots of stuff. The good thing is that the program gives you many exercise options for working these muscles. This workout alone strengthened my muscles, something I wanted when I was going through the program.

#4. Yoga XLN

According to me, this is the toughest of all the P90X workouts. It is also the most rewarding one that will make you limber and more loose than you have ever been. Doing some Yoga stretches even after completing the program will be a plus and an excellent exercise for maintaining fitness once you are there. Remember that you’ll not complete the program then sit back and watch. Getting there can be comfortable with P90X program but maintaining it is not easy.

#5. Legs and the Back

A combination that makes your two biggest muscles to grow stronger in your body. This workout incorporates squats and leg lunges together with other different exercises and pull-ups in shaping your back and legs. Do not neglect your legs and the back as you journey to fitness.

#6. Kenpo X

I fell in love with this fantastic workout. It is my favorite, and I always enjoyed doing it while going through the program. It goes so quickly that you feel you are not even there when you complete it. You’ll move around, kick, turn, twist, punch and do many other crazy things that will hit your muscles and help you in endurance and balance. You’ll feel like taking on the world every time you are doing this workout.

#7. X Stretch

Being flexible is the most critical part of completing each workout. I have never been good at doing stretch outs. But with this workout, I can now confidently say that I feel more loose and limber than ever before. P90X is so cool that it gives you so many different ways of finding your way to becoming more flexible with stretches.

#8. Core Synergistics

This workout is all about strengthening your trunk and spine muscles of your body. Unlike others, this is unique and fun that creates muscle confusion, so you have that shape you yearn for as you put into practice the P90X program. Though building your core is the least sexy, this workout is the most important one.

#9. Chest, Shoulders, and the Triceps

Workouts here will get you to the next best level in regards to strengthening your shoulders, chest, and triceps. I truly love this one because many a times, we tend to neglect our triceps in our journey to fitness. You need to work your chest, triceps, and shoulders, so you strengthen your upper body. This workout, therefore, serves to complete the strengthening of this important part of the body. That’s why we say that P90X is the best!

#10. Back & Biceps

Who would not like to make their biceps and back stronger? I believe there is none. With this workout, you’ll alternate back and biceps exercises throughout the program. I feel that this is a quick and an excellent way to moving your muscle strength to the highest possible level.

#11. Cardio X

This workout is a heart pounding one that combines Plyometrics and Yoga together with some Kenpo, so you get nothing but the best shape. This one is included to help you burn calories and break away from the other workouts if you so wish. I find it as a good one to throw in when you feel you need some difference. That’s the beautiful difference that P90X program has.

#12. Ab Ripper X

I can sum this one up as a wow one that will wrap up your other workouts as a final step to getting the surprising results of this awesome P90X program. It gets you those hard abs you’ve been searching. Ab Ripper was tough to me personally, and I couldn’t finish it. It’s, however, good to keep trying.

What else do you want when an excellent program is here with you. As I said before, I am personally a success story of the P90X workout, and can without any fear, say that it is the best I have ever seen or heard.

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